May review

For May, I set the following goals. Again, most were a slight increase in difficulty from April, and as time goes on the review gets shorter:


  • Running: Run at least 1 mile every day.


Fell sick on May 8 (late at night), which led to me resting and cancelling all goals except the running goal.

  • Push-ups: Chest press 3x9 50 lbs.
  • Pull-ups: Every other day, pull-ups (4, 4, 5 reps with 2:00 rest). Resumed 24-27.
  • Plank: Mountain climbers the first day, then kneeling crunches with pulley weights.
  • Squats: Every other day, 1 set of dumbbell squats. 9 reps at 2x45 lbs. Upped to 50 lbs on May 6. Resumed 25-28 at 45 lbs.
  • Guitar: 30 minutes of guitar 4 times a week.

Overall thoughts

Falling sick really threw things off, and running through sickness instead of dedicating all the time to rest definitely delayed recovery. However, keeping the running goal alive is somewhat satisfying, despite the speeds, distances and times dropping compared to April (due to sickness/need for rest). Not sure I’d mentioned it before, but I had been adding items to a “Gym videos” playlist, as motivation to watch in the gym. This also had the added side effect of reducing hours spent on YouTube, though I can’t say it was particularly successful in May.

April and May also saw time spent engaging in other physical activity like pickleball, table tennis and a hike (the “new” Mailbox peak trail).

Let the guitar goal drop as well (after managing it May 1-9), and in hindsight, even with time needed to rest, guitar isn’t so physically demanding that I should’ve skipped it. I did play the guitar ad-hoc without tracking it after recovery.

Spent some time this month reading about the immune system again, and reading/watching the excellent manga Cells At Work.

Goal-specific comments

None this month.

Onwards to June!