July review

For July, I set the following goals:



  • Running: Run at least 1 mile every day.

Paused for July (switched to cycling), before July started.

  • Push-ups: Chest press 3x9 50 lbs.
  • Pull-ups: Every other day, pull-ups (4, 4, 5 reps with 2:00 rest). Resumed 24-27.
  • Plank: Mountain climbers the first day, then kneeling crunches with pulley weights.
  • Squats: Every other day, 1 set of dumbbell squats. 9 reps at 2x45 lbs. Upped to 50 lbs on May 6. Resumed 25-28 at 45 lbs.
  • Guitar: 30 minutes of guitar 4 times a week.

Overall thoughts

Even later on this one than the July one, and that is quite a good indicator of how well I’m doing on my goals for this month (August) - not well.

I completed over 500 miles cycled this year, which I would not have predicted at the start of the year.

I did not manage to complete the “run at least 1 mile every day” goal for the first time this year (due to sickness, which I also blogged about! So, after a streak of 210 days and 382 miles run, I decided to end this goal. I pushed myself more than I would have expected, so I’m happy with how I did on that goal. Writing this mid-August, I decided to take a new goal after recovery.

Onwards to August!