Dino 101

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University: University of Alberta
Overall rating: 4/5
Recommended if: You are mildly interested in dinosaurs, evolution or animals. Also, if you would like to know what paleontologists do.
Level: Intro
Good: A great intro to dinosaurs and paleontology. The instructors take feedback seriously and have changed the course since the first offering.
Bad: Wish it went into more detail and was more challenging. It felt like a course without a lot of college level content. More like a fun documentary. Practical/lab work is limited - you may say understandably so.
Interaction with other students: (3/5) Discussion forums are fairly active and there are some interesting discussions held. Instructor participation is minimal.
Work assigned: (2/5) Very little. Should take you around 10 minutes to get a full score on all assignments. No lab work, no assignments other than a multiple-choice quiz for each lesson.
Lectures: (4/5) Well produced and informative. The artwork during the lectures is great too. Some lectures may be a tad bit too long.
My final score: 99%