Linear circuits

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University: Georgia Institute of Technology
Overall rating: 4/5
Recommended if: You want to know what would be taught in your first circuits course in college or are just interested in refreshing what you learned about circuits.
Level: Intro
Good: Covers and explains the basics in an easy to understand manner. Discussion forums were helpful. Lots of numerical problems to ensure you understand a decent amount.
Bad: Some topics are glossed over - like transformers and the wheatstone bridge. The lab is weak and boring, when similar courses have much better labs. Proofs and derivations are sacrificed in lieu of just providing a formula, more so as the course progresses.
Interaction with other students: (4/5) A lot of interaction on the piazza forum, mainly due to a few students who were very active answering questions. An instructor goes through the forum fairly frequently too.
Work assigned: (4/5) A good amount of homework and a quiz for each lesson too. Some homework questions (the “select all that are right” type) seem a little confusing and unnecessary. Though, everything considered, doing the work will help you understand better.
Lectures: (3/5) Slides with an instructor speaking over them. Nothing too fancy, but not too shabby either.
My final score: 100%