Science content on YouTube

Some of my favourite science content on YouTube

PBS Eons
Covers life on earth, including some great videos about early humans.

Pretty cool science channel, where he explains different science phenomena. Based on his philosophy (from his PhD work) that showing people misconceptions and then correcting them is what gets them to learn. Showing the “truth” directly leaves them with the feeling that their preconceived (often incorrect) notions were right. He details this in this video

Mark Rober
Engineer who builds some really cool, unique stuff. His squirrel obstacle course video is great, as is the video on scammers.

AronRa’s Systemic Classification of Life
Playlist walking through the evolution of life by following a phylogenetic tree from the smallest organisms all the way to humans. Occasionally branches off to talk about other species too.

Tom Scott
Tom Scott was a contestant on Only Connect (a British game show that you can find on YouTube) and now makes videos on a variety of topics. A couple that stuck with me were his videos about why Dasani isn’t sold in Britain and this video that updates its title regularly - but is secretly about APIs!