The decentralized web

Over the last couple of years there has been a lot of talk about decentralization of the web. I seem to think we already had a decentralized web - back in the early 00s. Before the rise of centralization, everyone had their own little corner of the web. Blogs/spaces/forums were common and even if you didn’t own the domain name, no one was trying* to run a business off of content you provided (Matmice, anyone?). A “private” place on the web, that people owned, that allowed and encouraged everyone to put themselves out there and share their personalities online. This soon changed with the rise of social networks like Orkut, Hi5, MySpace and Facebook, which meant people no longer owned the spaces where they were sharing themselves, leading to eventual centralization and monopolies preventing competition**.

In a throwback to that forgotten time, here’s a small compilation (by me!) of songs, and artists that put themselves out there, and… were quickly forgotten.

9.9K237Gilt complexSons And DaughtersI also like Iodine
53KN/AI am an IndianNoble SavagesIt’s so hard to get a hold of this band that Vir Das had to appeal to Twitter. Let me know if you can find the lyrics online.
61K10.8KLittle NumbersBOY
124K1.66MA Little More For Little YouThe Hives
217KN/AMuzika Dlya Fil’maPersephone’s BeesLive version @ 32:49 with a Theremin! This is from the FIFA07 soundtrack, one of the best OSTs out there.
277K787Welcome to IndiaMC Vikram ft. LudakrishnaA parody of Ludacris’ “Welcome to Atlanta” that I’m particularly partial to as it is introduces a very easy way to songwriting for most of us: simply re-write the words to tell a different story :)
308KN/ABrave bulging buoyant clairvoyantsWild BeastsA very unique track with the most prominent use of a woodblock I’ve ever heard. Also, here’s a busking version that showcases the band’s talent.
566KN/ALove-ologyShaanAn upbeat song from the 90s but one many may not know?
3.1M17.4KViolent & FunkyInfectious GroovesA rare song in the “funk metal” genre. Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo’s former band, which probably explains the high view count
25M1.66MThe Adults Are TalkingThe StrokesA moderately popular band
198M51.2MSafe and SoundTaylor Swift feat. The Civil WarsVery popular artist, but likely one of her lesser-known songs?

N/A = not an official channel

*: Or possibly hadn’t figured out how to
**: Topic for another day